Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

Joel's cousin, Chris, came to visit us last Christmas. He had lots of fun and so did we. So, he came again this year. He arrived on Thursday afternoon and Friday we hit the ground for some adventures!
There is a new train line that comes up to our city. It just opened the first of December and will take you to downtown Dallas or all the way to Fair Park, on the east side of the city. You can also get connections and ride to the Dallas Zoo and many other places.
For a very reasonable price, our whole family can ride the train. Since it's a novelty, we did just that. The girls played Old Maid during the train ride. Asa shouted about everything we passed and the adults just sat back and talked.Our downtown excursion was meant to be a fun little trip to visit the Neiman Marcus Christmas display. It ended up being pretty cold, very wet, and a little less exciting than we hoped. However, it was still an adventure, for sure. I imagine in years to come we'll say "Remember the time we rode the train downtown and got soaking wet just so the kids could crawl through a tunnel for 10 minutes?"We were all glad to get back home and get out of our wet clothes and into some jammies. We let the kids open one of their presents. While they were sent from our church in PA, I knew each one got a pillow pet. With all the other presents from grandparents and Uncle Chris and us, I thought it would be most appreciated if it was opened a little early. I was right! The kids laid down and took naps with their new pillow pets. Then, we went to Christmas Eve service.
The kids did a nice job of participating in the Christmas hymns and candle lighting. Then, they colored their worksheets while Pastor Jerry shared a message for the adults.
Despite being VERY casually dressed*, we snapped a quick family picture. Then, we headed out for some dinner.
*We went to church in very casual attire, as you can see. Having suffered through the cold with wet clothes already, I wasn't keen on getting the girls in tights only to hear complaints about the temperatures or making Asa wear matching shoes and then watching him splash in a puddle. I also knew the service would be short and we would be going to eat afterward with a stop to look at lights to follow--more time out in the cold. So, I threw my "they must be dressed adorably on Christmas Eve" mama-made rule out the window and said "you can wear a pretty dress to dinner tomorrow". Ahhh....it was nice!
We came home and got tucked into bed. The next morning, we were all ready to celebrate Jesus' birthday!

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