Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Showers of Blessing

My sweet sisters at GFA hosted a double baby shower for me and my friend Jenna on Saturday. We are both pregnant with our 4th and we're both having a boy.
We had an evening shower that was decorated with penguins and polar bears. It was lovely!
Quite a few women helped in the planning and preparations. (These are just a few of them--Christy, Teressa, and Summur.)The cake was made by Lorrie. Isn't it just amazing? I absolutely LOVE the penguin sliding off the igloo and the polar bear walking on ice.
We also had a hot chocolate bar. Guests chose white or regular hot chocolate and then added goodies like white chocolate chips, milky way chunks, whipped cream, peppermint pieces, sprinkles, marshmallows, seasonings, etc. It was delicious!
Our family was showered with gifts to prepare for the arrival of our son. While I have many items from having 3 kiddos already, there are still quite a few things I gave away or sold over the years. And, having a new baby requires some consumable necessities, like diapers, baby wash, and baby lotion, which we were blessed to receive.
My girls had a good time and loved helping me open the gifts! I think it was a sweet treat just for them to be included. Over and over they said "Oh, I can't wait for my brother to come!"


  1. How fun...and that cake is AMAZING!!

  2. I love the cake! And what a fantastic idea, a hot chocolate bar!

  3. Loved the cakes and the pictures are great...Jenna is a doll!...Can hardly wait to see all of you....Nana