Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas in the Making

The kids enjoyed helping make some gifts this year.
We made blankets for 2 sets of grandparents. We get to see the other grandma in another month--yeah! She's coming for the little man's arrival. Her present isn't done yet.
I picked a gift to give that the kids could help make because I think it makes them more special. Plus, I never know what to get our parents that will bless them. It's really hard when you live far away from your folks because you don't get the passing "oh that's cute" or "I could use that" comments. Who tells people those things when you live far apart?
So, we made blankets. These are super easy to make, but they definitely required some energy. I had to lay out the fabric on our front living room floor and then scoot my bottom around the perimeter making cuts.These days it is more work to crawl around on the floor than to just go buy something at the store.
Then, the kids and I tied off all the strips.
Let me say, it was a labor of love. My dad is an athletic director and my stepmom watches the football games, so we made them a football blanket.
My mother-in-law loves the Dallas Cowboys (always has, even though she's always lived in northern PA). So, we made them a Cowboys blanket.
And, what do you do with the little scraps that are left over from trimming the edges? Well, you let your 6 year old become a designer and fashion belts and scarves, of course. Then, you dutifully model them!
(I absolutely LOVE that Asa is wearing a "scarf" he made in the picture above. Go back and look! He didn't make it into too many pics because he wasn't the best at tying and would get frustrated.)

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