Sunday, February 13, 2011

Amazing Man

This is long overdue, but life here has been a tad bit busier lately.We had that HUGE ice storm and then snow the week before last and that left us homebound on a special day...February 4th, the birthday of my amazing husband.
We didn't do much to celebrate on Friday, but Saturday brought warmer temps and melting ice. So, we ventured out as a family and celebrated Joel's birthday with lunch at Applebee's.
It was really nice to be out of the house after 4 days and we were able to run a few much-needed errands before and after lunch.
I will have to come back and write a really decent post about how amazing my husband is, but right now I have a sleeping baby and think it would be best if I tried to sleep as well. (Isn't that what they always tell the mom of newborns "sleep when they're sleeping". It's nearly impossible to do, but it really is the best advice.)

To close I'll just write a few reasons from this last week that I say my hubby is amazing: he loves the Lord and seeks to know Him (even when running on little sleep), he has a servant's heart, he changes the baby's diaper (more than I do), he gets up with Jett when he won't settle in the night, he plays in the snow with our big kids (and has at least as much fun, if not more, than they do!), he cooks, he cleans, he likes to organize, he holds me when I cry (especially important when it's for no reason other than hormones), he reassures me, he encourages me, he is funny, he is a good friend and always wants to help others....
My list could go on forever. Joel really is an amazing man. I'm so blessed he's mine!


  1. Great post! And his Calvinism shirt is hilarious.

  2. Too sweet. Happy to have found your blog. Love that sweet baby!