Thursday, February 3, 2011

The God of Miracles and Healing

"It is not the easy road to grow your family from broken backgrounds–but we serve the God of miracles and healing…and we believe through adoption many children may have the chance to know Him as Christian families follow God in growing their families this way."
--quote from Babe of My Heart blog

Saw this quote today on someone's blog--as I followed the trail from my friend Lara. Andrea, the author, is talking about adoption. I appreciated her perspective and look forward to reading more about why their family has adopted.

She also said "I will say this–for us [adopting] has nothing to do with infertility, pity, rescue from poverty or famine or many other things you may think drew us to grow our family in that way. Instead–it has everything to do with the gospel ALONE. Sure–those things show you different NEEDS–but those needs CAN be met in different ways other than adoption of course. It has to be for MORE than that and NOT for just that."

I think I will enjoy adding this blog to my reader and getting to know this mama. And, I can't wait to explore that second quote...the Gospel being the reason for their adoption. Beautiful. So many things I could say, but I won't--mainly because that's not what I wanted to write about this morning.

What struck me this morning as I read her post was the first quote. Specifically, she says "It is not easy to grow your family from broken backgrounds--but we serve the God of miracles and healing... ." I know she's talking specifically about children from broken backgrounds, but as soon as I read this I said "Amen!" However, I immediately thought of the adults! It's not easy to grow your family when you have your own issues from the past. But, we serve the God of miracles and healing! Hallelujah!

I won't go into detail, but I will say that, like many adults who become parents, my background has its share of brokenness. Some of it was not of my own making, but much of it was! I have an amazing marriage and the most wonderful husband. I cannot imagine where my life could possibly be. But, God chose to save and redeem me and then bless my socks off! He is, indeed, the God of miracles and healing!

Just look at these miracles--


  1. God is so good to us!!!! I love that quote too!

  2. Our God is "ALL THAT"! He is def the God of miracles & healing...I've experience a few of both myself. Thanks for posting. So proud of my "old" neighbor...and the beautiful woman of God she is...luvs, Sue

  3. Yes, he's (still) the God of miracles & healing.

    I love that first pic of Jett. :)