Sunday, February 27, 2011

One Month

One month ago today our family grew.
One month ago today God gave me a precious gift.
In this last month we have gone back to very interrupted nights, carrying a diaper bag and more gear than a tiny person should require, and spending hours inspecting the tiny wonder of new life.
As much as I wanted one more, I never imagined just how wonderful it would be.
This first month has flown by!

I'm way behind on sharing photos. I have a bunch more but I haven't even had time to go through them yet!
The top two photos were taken by my talented photographer friend, Anna.
The cute brown and cream colored outfit with trucks was a designed and made by my talented seamstress friend, Bonnie.


  1. In pic #4 he looks so much like Asa!

  2. Adorable pics and yes, I remember the mush brain. I'm glad you're having fun! He is absolutely precious!!!!!