Monday, September 5, 2011

The Last Two Weeks

School started. The first week went well. Then, Saturday the girls both started running a fever. It went pretty high--up to 105 for Jenna. We tried to keep them comfortable but let the heat run its course.

We stayed close to home Sunday and Monday. Then, Tuesday the fevers were down to 100 and I needed to run some errands. It was a lot of driving so I figured the girls would be fine to ride. As we were getting ready to grab some lunch both girls complained that their throats were hurting.

I ended up calling the pediatrician, getting a 4pm appointment, and taking the girls in. They both had strep. yippee!

They stayed home one more day (making it three missed days of school), then they headed back to try and catch up.It was a long week. Being inside does that to me. Some days I end up staying home. But, when you're "forced" to be home (with kids who are sick of being sick and have run out of movies to watch and have no energy to do much else except start arguing), it gets a little maddening.
[my daytime playmate]
[this is what he does twice a day for about 90 minutes each time while the big kids are at school. LOVE the crossed ankles!]

All was well by Friday and I decided to surprise the kids with a cream slush smoothie and a snack after school when I picked them up. I also threw their swimsuits in the car and planned to let them play in the water fountains nearby. The fountains were down for repair and cleaning so we ended up swimming with friends in their pool. They were excited and had a good time.

Then, Jett started running a fever on Friday night. Argh! Thankfully, it was only mild and he still nursed and napped and then it was gone by Saturday night.

Last night, Joel decided to take our pergola down.

What's a pergola?

It was this...
Now, it's this...And, my kitchen now looks like this...
But, the weather outside is currently B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. So, blaring sunlight into my kitchen is totally okay with me.

We are getting a new roof tomorrow--thanks to hail damage in May. And, then, hopefully we'll get a new pergola in the next few months. Until then, we'll have a lovely screen hanging over our window so I can tolerate standing at my kitchen sink in the mornings.

So, there you're all caught up![i LOVE this outfit. i got it for Asa when he was little because it says "Ace"--can you see it on the chest? today, when I put it on Jett, i realized it's fitting for him as well; it has jet planes!]


  1. Those high fun! So glad everyone is okay. I LOVE Jett's chubbs!

  2. Man, when he doesn't smile, he is solemn looking! I am glad that kiddos are better.