Thursday, September 15, 2011

a little splattering

More raindrops. (read my post about "raindrops")

I felt like raindrops were falling on my head last week because the girls had been sick with strep their second week of school, then Jett got a fever for 24 hours that weekend, then Asa got a fever that seemed to last 24 hours on Labor Day. He missed school on Tuesday, but then went back on Wednesday.

Thursday afternoon he came home with a 105 degree temp. That was also the day we bought our new-to-us van [that post is coming soon] and it was Curriculum Night at the kids' school.

It felt like that annoying raindrop thing...where the sky can't decide if it's really going to let rain fall or just sprinkle you enough to make everything have spots.

I took Asa to the doctor on Friday because he was still running a fever and it had now been four days. I thought for sure he had strep like the girls. Nope. No strep. No flu either. Ears were clear. Doc said it was a virus and that it should wrap up over the weekend. If not, I should bring him back.

The fever lingered Saturday with bouts of highs and lows. Asa played some, rested some, and then went to bed with a fever. I gave him medicine and over the next few hours it seemed to "break" (lots of sweat). He woke up Sunday and insisted on getting his homework done. He played and acted totally normal. He pulled out his uniform for Monday, just like the girls. Then at 4am Monday morning he woke Joel up saying he was sick. Sure enough, he had a fever.

He stayed home, and I called the doctor's office. His fever never went back up. Then, it increased at bedtime. By this point I was frustrated and concerned. I called the doctor Tuesday morning and got an early afternoon appointment. Throughout the morning Asa complained about his back aching, then his chest hurting when he took deep breaths. His temp stayed around 100 degrees...until we were getting ready to leave for the doctor's office. Our thermometer read 107!

They did more tests...another flu, another strep, checking ears. They did a mono test, urine sample, chest x-rays, and finally took blood. Everything came back fine/clear. One ear was slightly red, so the doc prescribed meds. We left still wondering what was up.

He's back at school today. No fever yesterday and he's been on the meds since Tuesday night. The bloodwork all came back normal. I have no idea what he had or has. I have no idea if he'll get a fever again or if something was bugging him and is now gone/on its way out.

But, I know that my hair is starting to frizz!


  1. Oh my goodness.... My kids run high fevers too but 107 would completely freak me out! Especially not knowing what's wrong. I'm so glad God helped his little body to fight it off!

  2. Bless your heart. I hope the fever is gone for good. I totally get what you mean about the raindrops though. Praying for continued health for Asa.