Monday, December 12, 2011

It's Christmas Time

Our celebrations began on December 1st with the big kids' school program. Each grade level sang a few songs with several kids having solos--usually one for each song. Rylee sang a solo line for "Frosty the Snowman". Normally she gets shy once on stage and in front of an audience, but this year she seems to have turned the corner and has fully embraced her inner diva, not just at home but everywhere!
We went to McDonald's for some ice cream afterwards. At Halloween I bought a coupon booklet for $1. It has 12 coupons for free treats --4 each of 3 treats --an ice cream cone, apple slices, and apple juice or milk. I bought 5 booklets (they have no expiration date) and I can give the kids a little yummy when we're out and about.
We then spent a full week of practices and performances. We had a mentor dinner on Monday night at GFA, followed by the Children's Christmas party at GFA on Tuesday. (I never get good pictures so I didn't take any this year.) Wednesday was our only night off, so we enjoyed relaxing at home. Thursday the kids had dress rehearsal for choir. (We missed the last practice due to the school performance, but my kids seemed to be fine with all the practicing we did at home.)
Friday night we had our GFA Christmas party. The decorations were beautiful. My friend Summur had a blue and red theme, which was very classy.
Jett with Auntie Brenda. Brenda is a gem. We had the privilege of taking her School of Discipleship class to India almost three years ago. Then, I was honored to serve as her mentor while she was raising support and adjusting to being new to staff. She's blessed our family with watching our kiddos too. They all love her to pieces!Jett was the model for many pictures. He was the only one who stayed with us throughout the party. The big kids had a blast running around with their buddies.Auntie Pam. My kids are head-over-heels crazy about their Texas grands. Pam and her hubby Jim dote on our kids and bless us in countless ways.
Our tablemates and sweet friends, Joe and Cari. Cari works on Joel's Web Marketing team while Joe serves in the Volunteer Department. We've been friends since we got to host them during their interview in the summer of '09.
The kids did a skit based on the story The Three Trees. Having directed the kids performance for two years, I know it's a LOT of work. My friends Debi, Amy, and Susanna did a great job organizing the kids and putting together a very sweet performance. The kids had a blast!Then, Saturday night was our church's children's performance. The kids did a production called "Star of Wonder". Rylee was an angel, Jenna was a king, and Asa was a wise man. The story followed a group of stars as they discussed their most important assignment...pointing the way to the birth of Jesus.Auntie Pam and Uncle Jim came to see the kids. Jett enjoyed playing with Uncle Jim the whole time. I hear he was bopping around to the music, too. I was down front helping the kids with motions and then helping with costume changes.
Last night we took the kids to a living nativity in Mesquite. I didn't take any photos because it was outside and rather dark. It was also cold and we were bundled up with lots of layers. The kids had fun, though. And, they all fell asleep on the way home!


  1. Looks like fun! Congrats to Rylee on her solo...very cool. I like the girls' dresses, how they match but are still unique styles. And I wish I'd gotten some of those coupon books at Halloween! :)

  2. Wow you guys have been REALLY BUSY!
    I for sure see Riley as an actress for Jesus :O)