Thursday, December 1, 2011

November in Pictures

I was determined not to spend the week of Thanksgiving on the computer while the kids were off school. Then, we went out of town. So, now, you're going to get a huge recap.
The kids had chocolate milk and wanted me to take a picture of their milk mustaches. Can you see them?Hey, hey, it's an old lady doing a backbend!And, a sorta hand/head stand thing.And, just to prove that kids want to imitate EVERYTHING you do, here's proof.
Just a normal evening of hanging out before bedtime....way back on November 11th. Ha!

I'm so slow about posting pictures on here. I wish there was a faster way to do it. Any tips from other bloggers are welcome!

November flew by. Last night I sat here and realized that trick or treating with our friends happened a whole month ago. Whoa! That's crazy. Where in the world did November go?

Now, it's December. I had lofty plans of having an Advent plan in place and books wrapped to count down the days. Guess I should get off here and go wrap 'em.

The kids have their school Christmas program tonight. Great way to kick off the month, in my opinion! Also gets it done early in the month. Like, like!

But, back to November. The kids had their school Thanksgiving program on Tuesday, the 15th. I was lame and didn't take a camera. (Hey, I made it there with Jett...on time. I can't handle everything!) My friend Tiffany snapped this shot of Jenna with her buddy Zoe.That Friday they had "Business Day" -- their reward day for good behavior/choices for the grading period. The older kids make and sell goods/services and each kid in the school earns "Scholar Dollars" that they can "spend". Jenna and Asa (and our friend Eva) were purchasing some of Rylee's Christmas magnets.We stayed in jammies for a very long time the first day of Thanksgiving Break. During the week we went to the library, had some friends over to play, and played lots of checkers. For Thanksgiving Day, we celebrated with our great friends, the Helms.
I attempted to make little 'placecard' cookies. haha!We love spending time with the Helms. They are part of our Texas family.The kids enjoyed playing in the backyard, making some crafts (at least that's what they called it), watching movies, and eating. They had so much fun that we then brought Grace (their oldest) home with us to spend the night. The partying kept going until late the next afternoon.
Joel spent a lot of his free time working on our new pergola. It started early in the month and got wrapped up over Thanksgiving break. A post on that is coming soon...stay tuned.

Then, we finished off November with a quick trip to San Antonio.

A friend gave us use of their timeshare at a Hyatt Resort. It was lots of fun. It had an indoor/outdoor heated pool with a big water slide. It also had a game room and the first night we were there they had a fire and makings for Smores!
The kids LOVED the huge whirlpool tub in our bathroom.
The whirlpool button wouldn't shut off and before long, this is what happened. Maintenance had to come shut off the breaker. Ooops! Not like we broke it, but it created a little excitement for our first night.

Unfortunately, more "excitement" was in store. Jenna got sick at 3am. She and I spent Sunday laying around feeling miserable. I managed to not get sick, but felt awful all day.

By Monday we were well enough to go swimming, visit the River Walk, and tour the Alamo.We drove back home and as we entered Dallas, Asa got sick. Walking into the house, Rylee got sick. Ugh. After getting the settled, I started feeling bad again. We spent Tuesday of this week recovering.

We were all well by Wednesday. Hopefully December won't fly by so quickly or find us battling any sickies.

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  1. Oh so glad to hear you are all better! I just assumed you were still sick. Our prayers worked, the girls were praying for you guys!!!! Love u!