Monday, December 17, 2012

Nothing Like It...

I have strep throat.  Thankfully, I caught it right at the beginning and got on meds.  The doc says I can go back to school tomorrow.

But, there's nothing like a sudden sickness to force me out and show me what a control freak I am, even in my classroom!

I have sub plans. I have my regular lesson plans.  I have a neat and tidy classroom...for the most part.  But, I had plans!  I had things I needed and wanted to accomplish with my students today. They are mine.  urgh.

So funny.  I felt fine.  My throat was just very, very sore.  I woke yesterday morning with it hurting very badly, but figured it was from allergies.  It got a little better while I was constantly drinking during the day, but when it started getting worse again at nightfall, I decided to go to an urgent care.  The test popped positive very quickly.  The doc wrote me a script and then gave me a shot to bolster the fight.

I already felt better this morning but couldn't risk exposing any of my students to the virus, so I had to stay home.  I graded lots of papers, reorganized some things, and watched some t.v.  I eventually took a short nap.  But, I have to say, forced banishment is probably the only way this would have happened.

Last night I was up late adjusting my plans, writing sticky notes for my sub, and trying to think of how to control everything while not there.  Ha!  Who am I kidding?  I'm not really in control of anything.

I'm so glad something called strep showed up to remind me.  I needed the kick in the pants.  

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  1. I would be the same way Megan! I hope you're feeling better soon. :)