Sunday, December 23, 2012

Quick Follow-Up

That quagmire I mentioned in my last post...well, I think I came to a comfortable place about it.

We went to church on Wednesday night.  Prior to church starting, I was sitting in the Cafe and I heard someone ask our pastor a question about how to best share the Gospel with some family they would be visiting.  The woman explained that the family came from a denomination that was rather legalistic.  Our pastor responded with an encouragement to just love them.  Then, he said something I don't think I'll soon forget.

"I've never met a happy legalist."

And, that was it.  It was the little tidbit I needed to confirm to me that my choice was just fine.

See, when our kids asked us about Santa and we decided to tell them the truth, it wasn't because I didn't like Santa.  I'll be honest and say during the first year it was really hard to not be angry at the way Santa has morphed and replaced Jesus in much of our culture.  I think I was frustrated.  My kids asked a question I wasn't really prepared to answer.

But, as time has passed, we have gained clarity.  We have figured out better ways to explain things.  We've figured out how to have more balance.

For me, it's the same old story.  I realize something I've been missing and I get extreme about it.  Then, over time, I mellow.  The pendulum swings back the other way a little and I find the balance.

When my pastor made the statement about love and legalism, it just resounded.  I was tempted to think I had done something wrong, against my own standard.  But, it's a false standard.  I was being legalistic with myself.  I wanted to host a Polar Express day so my kids could enjoy a movie and hot cocoa.  I wanted to express love to them.  And, if I erred, it was on the side of love.  That's the way I want to err every time!

I want to be a happy free woman who loves God and loves others.  I want the banner over me to be LOVE, not a rule.

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  1. Yeah! Glad you came to a place of peace and freedom.