Monday, April 27, 2009

The Eyes Have It

More than anything else, my kids get compliments on their eyes. I'm their mom, so I'm sure I'm biased. I think they all have beautiful eyes.
They all have blue eyes, like their Daddy. The shape of their eyes and setting on their face is a combo of both of us.
See if you can figure out who is who!
You can look at the bottom for some special little notes about each person's eyes.
* Rylee was born with a slice of brown in one eye. It has never gone away.
* Jenna has a very dark ring of blue around her eyes. Hers are the lightest shade of blue. And, she was the hardest to photograph!
* Asa's eyes are more smoky. He has amazing eyelashes.
* Joel's eyes are set deep and are very blue.
* My eyes are green. I used to have much thicker eyelashes, I think.

Note: Coming in a close second to most compliments is Jenna's curls. She usually gets noticed by her curls (because she's not facing someone), then she turns around and they immediately notice her eyes. It's funny.


  1. about jenna, that is funny. and i like rylee's slice of brown.

  2. You have your daddy's eyes!! I have a student this year that has a slice of brown in one of her eye's. I mentioned it to her mom one day and she said it is a birthmark. I had never heard of having a birthmark in your eye. Your children doooo have beautiful eyes. Great post.