Friday, April 24, 2009

So Much Happening, So Little Time to Share

I have so much to share! I think of things to blog about all the time. Then, I think "who cares?" I mean, really! Is there really anyone out there who cares about all these postings?

If I'm really honest with myself, I would have to say "I hope so" and "I'm doing it for myself". I hope you enjoy what you're reading. But, I also appreciate reflecting and "journaling" about the events of our life. I usually learn more about myself, my family, the Lord, and life as I take time to look back.

This will be a snapshot post about things that have happened this week, then I'll be working on my post about when my parents came to visit (last week). That post will take longer since I'll have more pictures, so come back to check and see it once it's uploaded (maybe tomorrow--depends on my computer!).
First, we are incredibly blessed to have a yard full of flowers and plants--thanks to the previous homeowner. One thing she planted that we never would have done is roses. Just look at this vase full of sweet-smelling roses that came from my yard! You can see my favorite little corner of lush green and pretty color below. I love to look out my kitchen window and see this beauty. I'm telling you, there are many days when I just stand and praise God for His generous gifts to us. We enjoy our yard very much!
Second, Rylee had a Drive-In Movie day at preschool yesterday. Kids made cars from cardboard boxes, then drove from their classroom to the big room. They got some popcorn from the concession stand (and Skittles, says Rylee) and watched the movie Cars. Such fun! Rylee had a princess carriage for a car. (Daddy was very much in on the action of making the car.)
Third, I talked about freezer cooking a bit in previous posts. A very good friend of mine, Kristin, introduced me to the concept after I shared my frustrations of meat prices and lack of menu planning. So, I'm happy to report that my meal-time frustration has decreased greatly. I'm still not great at planning it out way in advance. But, I have a freezer with lots of options in it. Kristin blessed me with my starting supply of freezer meals and I've taken the reins. This week I scoured the grocery fliers and found some good deals on meat. So, I stocked up and went to work.
I don't have a big freezer, just the one on 'top' of my fridge. Inside this tiny space I have 2 beef roasts, 4 sets of pork chops, 4 pork loin roasts, and 5 chicken dishes (plus things like orange juice, butter, hotdogs, beans, strawberries, and vegetables). All are prepped with either a marinade or seasonings. I have a list on the front of my fridge so I know what my options are. I'm planning to add a few ground beef recipes, when I find that on sale.
I'm finding that my kids are doing better about trying new things since I'm making dishes I've never done before. (That's Jenna eating a treat after finishing her dinner last night.) Plus, as my friend Kristin says, I don't feel so bad if they don't like something if I haven't just spent hours in the kitchen making it. Besides, we're working on having gracious hearts about food and it's good training. (We were already doing training for mealtimes, but this post about the subject is good and says a lot about how I feel on the subject. Hard work, but good.)
Finally, I made this super cute, very nice purse/bag yesterday. Yep, I made it! My friend, Bonnie, designs patterns (click here to go see her site). She's a super talented seamstress and has a business of sewing. Her latest addition is patterns. I've been wanting to learn from Bonnie, so she offered to help me make a purse. I picked the fabric and went over to her house for a few hours. After some good visiting and a little work, I was able to leave as the proud owner of this stylish bag! It's called the Sammie Grace bag. (By the way, I sewed it all myself. Bonnie has an amazing machine, which helps, but I actually sewed straight lines.) Joel makes fun of me because I look at patterns in the fabric section of WalMart. I don't even own a sewing machine. But I used to! I made the twins' crib bedding 3 years ago (two sets). I might just have to get a sewing machine again. With two girls, I can see lots of possibilities.
Okay, that was this week in a nutshell. Come back soon to see a posting on our visit from Annma and Granddaddy, as well as pics from Rylee's bday weekend!


  1. I love that bag! And the freezer stuff sounds fantastic. I want to eventually have a freezer in my garage so I can do more of that--but it sounds like you're doing a great job with just a normal freezer!

  2. Your bag is amazing! And Rylee picking something princess-y... so like her! I did find the princess gloves, so I will bring them tomorrow to the baby shower. I don't know if you'll see this before then, but it doesn't hurt to try!