Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Falling Leaves, Falling Kiddos

The leaves are falling all around us. Actually, most of them are done by now. But, last week we had lots of wind and the leaves came pouring down.
We have a great little tree out back the kids have learned to climb.
All the kids, that is, except Jenna. Her little legs are just too short.
Or, they were!
She finally figured out how to pull herself up.
Last week we had two friends hanging out with us for the afternoon. All five kids headed outside to climb the tree and drop into the pile of leaves I raked up below. They were having fun.
Once Jenna figured out how to get up into the tree, she was incredibly proud that she could hang and drop all by herself. (Click on the image below to see it enlarged; you will see the beaming smile she had all afternoon!)

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