Monday, November 16, 2009

Talking Hair...yeah, that superficial

I'm thinking of hair today.

I got my hair cut short in September. It's cute and fun. And, I've decided I won't be trying to get long hair for a really long time. I spent several years sort of growing it out. Then, it got long and it was just blah.
But, I still love to look at cute styles and admire.

As I was thinking of a cute hairstyle I saw today (I snapped a picture), I thought about how much my hair has changed this last year.

So, I thought I'd do a two-year-review of my hair. I don't even know if I have that many pictures that would show what it looked like, but we'll see. December 2007 ~ Just after moving to Texas

Dallas Zoo ~ February 2008
Easter 2008

July 2008

October 2008 - PA trip

Christmas 2008 (above and below)
It was cute when I pulled it back, but blah when down.I had to do two years because it really didn't change from Christmas 2008 until this picture below, on my birthday in August 2009. Sad.)

My birthday ~ August 6, 2009
I liked this new style, but the bangs were bothering me; I think I needed some. I liked the "flip out" style, however one side would flip well and the other would droop and then end up turning under...ugh.

And, I know...this is totally vain. It's not that I think I'm all that cute. I just think it's funny how we change our hairstyles.
My new short style (not styled with anything; sorry, I was being lazy; it's usually spiky in the back). This was the end of September 2009.
I think I'm going to stick with it shorter, for sure. I have had it cut once since the picture above and I like it longer, like it is in this picture. I think I'll just aim at sticking with an even slightly longer version of this cut. It takes way less time to do!

Sorry for the vain post about my hair. But, I was all out of something interesting to write about and this was on my mind!

Happy Monday!

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  1. I think it's very cute! And do you have highlights? It looks like it but I can't tell if it's just the sunlight. Great style, and easy is such a plus. Your thick hair has always been beautiful!