Monday, December 7, 2009

How We Celebrate Christmas Part II

As I said before, I had a ton of ideas swirling through my head on how to spend December. The calendar fills up so quickly, doesn't it?! Once my kids started attending school (preschool last year and now preschool and Kindergarten), the demands on our schedule increased quite a bit.
Neighborhood party Sunday, Dec 6th

I saw a neat post by my friend, Bonnie. She sewed an Advent calendar and filled it with something to do as a family each day. What I loved most was that she included things that were already on the calendar, like "attend company/ministry Christmas party". Perfect! Why did I think I had to come up with something more than that for those already busy days?

I also saw a great idea in a magazine. It's called an "A-Door-able Advent calendar" and was featured in Family Fun magazine (see it here online). I scoured the magazines I had (which was quite a few) and couldn't find enough doors and windows to make the project.
So, I don't have an advent calendar or countdown. Instead, I'm letting the wrapped books serve as our tangible countdown this year. But, I have a list of things I want to do with our kids this season. Some events are slated for particular days, like parties or concerts, but other activities can be done anytime. I'm still working on putting those in my calendar.
Here are our activities thus far:
--Go to the Dallas Parade. (5th) [check]
--Host a gathering for our neighborhood. (6th) [check]
--Attend the GFA Children's party. (8th) [check]
--Perform (Rylee) and watch (everyone else) school music program. (10th)
--Attend the ministry Christmas party and perform a skit we've been working on. (11th)
--Attend a friend's Christmas party and go caroling. (12th)
--Deliver gifts to a needy family with our LIFE group from church. (13th)
--Bake Christmas cookies (done some, more to come).
--Make ornaments from last year's Christmas cards.
--Host a party for my former department at the ministry. (16th)
--Celebrate with our classes at school. (17th)
--Pick out gifts from the GFA Gift Catalog.
--Buy Christmas presents for our siblings.
--Drive around looking at Christmas lights.
--Attend Christmas Eve service at church. (24th)
--Watch a living nativity.
--Watch a Christmas movie.
--Camp out in the living room and play games.
--Shop for gifts for our teachers (and make some fun things for them).
Of course, there are moments like these throughout this joyous season.
Let's just be sure to keep it kids are 3, 3, and 5 after all!


  1. Looks like y'all are having a lot of fun! I love Ry's face in the last pic...classic Rylee :)

  2. Don't forget that we need to pick out gifts from
    Gospel for Asia's Christmas Gift Catalog

    - Joel

  3. modified the list to include that one. thanks, honey!