Friday, December 18, 2009

Some More Celebrating

Please don't think the whole Santa thing is a cut and dry issue around here. We're still figuring it all out. Just this week, Rylee came home telling me Santa is real! She read it in a book at school.

Hmm... figuring out what to say (and not to say) is sometimes the hardest part of parenting!
But, we're having fun this season.
Making cookies, hosting parties, singing carols, buying for needy families, attending celebrations, performing skits, making ornaments, eating sweet treats, and spending time with friends are things we wanted to do and have done thus far.
Our next week will be much, much slower in pace than the previous two. Whew!

Below are the ornaments I made using Christmas cards we received last year.
You cut a bunch of circles, fold three edges, glue them together, and end up with a cool ball.
I've made three so far and I really like 'em. Here are the instructions.
We hope you're having a great time celebrating Advent. Jesus came! He's coming again! Woohoo!!!May you stand in awe this Christmas--with child-like faith!

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  1. Hi, Megan! I got really behind on blog reading. (I've read several novels recently and finally realized the connection--when I'm doing a lot of book-reading, I'm not doing a lot of blog-reading!) :) Anyway, I'm trying to play some catch-up.

    I really appreciated what you posted asking about advice on Santa as I've had the same issues this year. I read through some of the responses. I really loved what James Dobson said, and I think that's probably about where I am on that I've read it!

    I also read something I LOVED the other day, on how another Christian mom is celebrating Santa this year. Here's that post. I'm not sure if we're going to do this or not but I think the idea is awesome!

    Cute new banner at the top of your blog! Nice job!

    Merry Christmas!