Thursday, December 3, 2009

Relax a Little

My kids regularly make me laugh. If I'm being completely honest, I laugh more when I'm not so uptight about life.
The kids were admiring someone's science project. Asa was absolutely mesmerized.

I tend to let the stuff we have to do get in the way of enjoying my family. Sometimes I worry too much about having just the right plan for celebrating Advent. What?! When would I have struggled with this?

Sometimes I get too uptight about saving money using coupons...those darn things! I spend so much time clipping, sorting, and shopping that the time I spent really was worth more than the money I saved.

Sometimes I get too uptight about my kids' behavior and I worry what others will think. Do others think I'm a good parent? Do others think I'm kind and loving and a nurturer or some tyrant? Do others think I'm too lenient or too strict? I forget that I am parenting for an audience of One and only His approval counts!
Painting an ornament at a pottery place

Sometimes I think about the stuff I have coming up, like a child's class party or a skit I'm coordinating or a gathering we're hosting or a parade we're going to go watch, that I get all wrapped up in future moments and forget the one I'm in.

That's when my kids do something completely hilarious and remind me to LIVE IN THE NOW!!! They are here. They are now. They are what's important.
It's important for me to teach them that Christmas is all about Christ. It's important for me to try and save money and be a good steward. It's important for me to be active in my children's schools, our ministry, our neighborhood, and our community. But, sometimes it's most important for me to relax a little!

What might my children say to make me laugh out loud?
Asa enjoying the painting session

We recently drove past the new Cowboys stadium, next to the Rangers stadium, next to Six Flags. As we passed it all, there was a parking lot in the middle. They were charging to park since the big Cowboys Thanksgiving game was that day. I said "Oh, there's Six Flags." Then, Joel said "Forty bucks!" (to park) From the back seat Jenna said very enthusiastically "I love Six Bucks!" We couldn't help but laugh out loud!
More to come, I'm sure.

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  1. Thanks for this post! You're so right on. The time slips away so fast.