Monday, June 28, 2010

A Little Sewing Project

I bought these brown flowy pants (gaucho maybe) at a resale shop for $1 about six months ago. They were a size x-large, but I thought I might be able to take them in a little and make them fit.
They have been sitting on a pile of clothes that need to be mended (hemmed, replace button, know...stuff you never get to). I got a sewing machine for Christmas and immediately repaired a dozen items. Since then, I have made a few projects, but because of a lack of funds for sewing materials, I've left my machine all alone for a few months.
This weekend I finally hemmed Joel's pants, fixed a few pockets, modified Jenna's dress from India, and adjusted these brown pants.
I'm most excited that I took them apart (took off the waistband; took in the waistband and each side seam; then put it all back together) and they still looked right when I put them back together again. And....they were ONE DOLLAR!!!
I'm also excited because I think they will be useful as my belly gets bigger with the baby. There's already a bump there, but that's just fat. Hopefully it will fill up with baby and no more fat will be added...yeah right!

*After trying to take photos using the full length mirror in the girls' room, I had Rylee snap some shots of the pants in the kitchen. Rylee using my dSLR...she did a pretty good job! (with some editing, of course)


  1. I think I wore gauchos my entire first pregnancy!

  2. Good job! I like 'em!

  3. Totally cute--I love deals like that! And yeah, gauchos are great for pregnancy!