Friday, June 18, 2010

Splishin' and Splashin'

Sorry you haven't seen any updates since our "news" of last week. I wanted to leave it up long enough for everyone to find it easily if they should choose to come by the blog.

We had more hits this month than ever before thanks to that little video! What a blessing to hear people tell me their favorite parts. Many liked the look on Rylee's face, several mentioned Asa's comment that we call the baby "stupid", Joel's comment about getting out of my way if I'm hungry resonated with lots of men, the question about 2 babies made people giggle, and Asa talking to and patting my belly was a favorite. Thanks for sharing our joy!
This week we've jumped into summer with both feet. The kids have all been attending a Vacation Bible School at a huge church nearby. To explain "huge", let me say Rylee is a class with 19 kids...and they are all kids born just in her birth month! So, you can imagine...250 kindergartens, not to mention the rest of the kids in preschool through elementary! But, they've had a blast...bounce houses, a petting zoo, a train ride, lots of songs, crafts, and yummy snacks. Most importantly, they are coming home telling me about the children in Sudan (the missions focus) and telling me Scriptures they're learning. The theme was Treasure iLand and they had a cool display of boats and a dock in the lobby.
We also started swim lessons this week. The kids are taking lessons every day for 2 weeks with a lady named Linda, who teaches in her backyard pool. She is fantastic. We gathered 3 other friends to join us for the class and it was a good idea! They are having fun with each other and are learning a lot. Yesterday Rylee opened her eyes underwater while she swam across the pool (something that's been a big deal all week). She also jumped off the diving board with no floaties and swam to the side. Asa's learning to come up for air in between bouts of swimming while "holding his bubbles". And Jenna just likes holding her bubbles. She's figuring out the underwater swim, but hasn't mastered the arms and legs and holding her bubbles all at the same time. But, they are all three lots of fun to watch!We are taking lessons with Timmy, Henry, and Elizabeth. Doing things with friends is so much fun, but it also means there is some distraction sometimes.
After the lesson, they get 15 minutes to just play. Diving board, slide, dive for rings...they like it all.


  1. I love the big photo of the kids that shows up at the top of your blog now!

  2. I love the new header too!

    Chickie is going to take swimming lessons for the first time this summer (in July.) She tends to have fear issues with water, so we'll need to be praying that God gives her confidence AND caution!