Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Growing Baby, Growing Belly

I cannot believe I'm already 17 weeks pregnant and have not taken a belly shot yet! *Gasp!*
I had Rylee shoot a few pictures tonight when it crossed my mind. I was a little more worried about the camera than how I was standing, so depending on the angle I look huge or barely showing. I'm sort of in-between. Showing some, but you could easily just think I'm gaining weight.


  1. Since I had been on your blog this last week, I am glad I visited today to see your progress. Looks good! I am so excited that you might find out the gender of your baby..and in today's paper there was an article about a "sex party" as they called it!!! Had to send it to you since I know what they are talking about now...love ya!

  2. Totally cute! I like the shirt too.