Monday, August 30, 2010

Tile is Done!

Joel worked hard ALL weekend!
He laid the first part of the tile (under the bar) on Friday night. Then, early Saturday morning our friend, Joe, came over to help Joel lay the entryway and hallway tile. They did a lot of work! When we came home in the afternoon, this was the status.
Then, Joel kept working after we made a trip to get two more boxes of tile.
He filled in the gap and did the rounded corners.
On Sunday morning he got up and went to work again. He laid the last bit of tile (just inside the back door) before we headed to church.
Then, Sunday evening we started grouting. I was of minimal help during the tile laying process. My help was to take the kids and be gone all day Saturday! But, I got in on the action and did about 2/3 of the grout work last night.My hands are sore today.
But, this is the finished product! It looks a little streaked because it needs to be wiped down again and then in a few more days we'll seal the grout. We are hoping to have the carpet installed later this week.Tonight we have to empty our bedroom and take up the flooring in there. I emptied most of it on Friday afternoon (after I snapped the shot below).


  1. Yep. That WAS as much work as I imagined. :)

  2. Oh, my aching knees and back! Do I remember laying tile in our house on 34th Street! Whew, I know you are glad that is done and it looks waving lines, at least in the pictures!! Nice job, EVERYBODY!!

  3. That looks GREAT! Especially the beautiful rounded edge! You guys are awesome.