Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Weekend Getaway

We took a little time to get away. Joel surprised me. Originally he planned to surprise me on my birthday, but he spilled the beans a few weeks prior when I had been having a rough day. I was so excited!
The parents of a friend of ours own 30 acres of property in the middle of a working ranch. They have a barn that was converted to guest quarters and let us come and stay for the weekend.
It was delightful! I can't say enough how much I needed the peace and quiet and relaxation of this weekend.
We took a walk Saturday morning and discovered it was really too hot to do anything outside. So, we watched a few movies, did some reading, listened to a teaching, took naps, and just talked.
Our hosts invited us to church and dinner on Saturday night, so we joined them and enjoyed our time immensely.
On Friday night, after we ate my birthday dinner at Red Lobster (yum-o; I'd been craving it for weeks!), we settled in to the barn and opened the massive bank of windows to watch lightening in the distance. It was very cool!
Our kids were in the loving care of our friend Clara and they were pretty well behaved. One particular child got a little snippy when she wasn't getting her way, but Clara still said she had a great time.
I think we need to do weekend getaways more often!

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