Saturday, August 14, 2010

Girls Room Redo

I've been working on redoing the girls' room.

In the 2 years we've owned our house, we have redone the kitchen, painted Asa's room, and moved landscaping around our yard.

After 2 years of living with lots of wood laminate flooring (it's in our ENTIRE house), we are going to put in some carpet. But, that's our next project. For now, we've been finishing the girls' room.

I wanted a tree branch, some flowers, and birds. I also wanted to keep some pink, but wanted to bring in other colors. I finally bought the girls some bedding--pink and brown. I couldn't stand the thought of spending lots of money to do their room, so thankfully I found someone selling 2 bedding sets on craigslist! They are in very good condition and were a fraction of retail.To pull other colors into their room, I'm making slip covers for their headboards and recovering their cornice box. We also painted their room. Joel took off baseboards, painted the walls, replaced the trim and added quarter round to fix some flooring issues (previous owners didn't do a very good job on the flooring install).

I got busy painted a big tree branch.
Now, I need to paint the flowers and the bird.

My friend Beth showed me a blog post for some artwork ideas (here's the inspiration), and Thursday I got busy making my own version.
Here's what's hanging in the girls' room.Their room isn't quite finished yet. But, I'll post pictures as soon as it's done. At this rate, it might be another week or two. But, I'm hoping to stay motivated and knock it out.

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  1. I didn't know you were so artistic. Beautiful!