Friday, September 26, 2008

Finally, Pictures--and creative parenting

Finally I've downloaded the pics since last weekend. How dare I wait a whole week now that I blog?!

We went to a welcome home party for a GFA family who adopted their precious daughter from China this summer. The girls and I attended and played fun, silly games. The girls played a relay game where they had to each dress up and run down and around a chair. They were so cute to watch!
We've been steadily working on the kitchen and I can't wait to post a blog about the final results. I'm really loving how everything is coming together. My hubby is amazing and does such great work!
My little helper. Since painting in preschool,
she wants to now paint all the time!

I painted the ceiling and walls on Sunday. We picked up the new counters on Tuesday. I started painting our living room wall on Thursday and today I'm finishing it up. We are hoping to install counters this weekend, but we'll see if it happens. Joel installed two already, but needs a friend's help for the island and two biggest pieces.
Our new tile floor (all done) plus
our new yellow walls and bright white ceiling!

Joel installed this new counter first. I really like this look
much better than the old one (see below for a reminder).

The picture we took when we had
the house inspected (before we moved in).

And, the creative parenting headline...yeah, that's because today I have NO VOICE! You heard me right--laryngitis. I can only whisper to my three toddlers. And, most of all today, I am thanking God and praising Him that He has led me to train my children to listen to me and obey.
Asa chillin' in the fire truck
It was visiting the Costco last Sunday when we went for groceries.
He is so stinkin' cute!

We visited some friends this morning and my kids did an outstanding job of coming to me when I whistled. They treated their friends with respect and shared the toys. They took turns. Of course, I had to remind them a few times, but hey, they are toddlers. I was so proud of them and so grateful to God for this "test" of sorts.
Jenna's turn takin' it for a spin.

It's also helping me see that yelling is not necessary! I hate to admit I yell, but I think many of us do and just pretend we don't. God has been dealing with me on the issue of anger/yelling for most of this year. I'm so glad to have this chance to see some of the fruit God has been leading me to work on. I am nowhere close to being the parent I'd like to be. We are all a work in progress around here. But, what a blessing to be quiet (for a change) and see all God has done!

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  1. Oh, God has totally been dealing with me on the anger/yelling lately too! How I relate to that. It feels great NOT to yell and terrible when I do yell.... I think I am learning slowly but surely. I'm glad He is gracious.

    Praying your voice is healed quickly.