Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of Preschool, Twins Playing

Rylee had her first day of preschool Tuesday. She loved it!
Jenna and Asa were excited for her!Jenna, Asa, and I ran some errands, had lunch with Daddy, and fed the ducks by the library after returning some books. They were so cute. We had to leave the ducks to pick up Rylee. Asa said, "Bye ducks. Gotta go get Rylee." Then he waved to them. So sweet!Today, we dropped her off for her second day. The girl heads straight to her room and doesn't even bother to tell me bye. She is so independent! I love her little spirit. She gets excited about learning and being with other people. I pray she will always love to learn, especially at the feet of Jesus, and will always have a heart for others, especially those who need a friend.
Today Jenna, Asa, and I headed to a park for some outdoor play time. Jenna will hang on ANYTHING! So will Asa. He broke a towel bar in the bathroom this week after hanging on it. He also broke the ballet bar we had just hung in the girls room with a big mirror. What is it about hanging?!
Asa's so proud that he can climb up the cool twisty bars at the park. He said, "Take a picture of me. Cheese!"
And, then....hold on to your seats....we came home and I let them play with playdoh!
I think Asa really likes it. He told me he built a castle. Hmmm...that's a pretty flat castle. But, I love his imagination!

I can already see such a change in Rylee and the twins after only one day of Ry at school. She came home with such mature talk. We had some one-on-one time after laying the twins down for naps. Then, she crashed too!

Jenna and Asa are communicating with each other so much more than when Rylee is with them. They are constantly saying, "Hey, Jenna/Asa look at this." It's so adorable!

Hope you're having a good week! Keep praying for Orissa and Bihar. Amidst our life here at home, our hearts are heavy with what God is doing in Asia. May He be glorified around the world!

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