Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Morning, Gardens, Visitor, Work and Big Kids!

This post will be a random catch-up for what seems like an entire week but has only been three days!

Our cabinets are looking nice stripped of white and restained. Look at that handsome boy in front of them! He adds to the value of the picture, for sure!
We haven't done much work this week because my "little" brother, Ron, came back to visit. He stopped by about a month ago but only for 24 hours. He arrived really late Monday night and will stay until Friday. My kids absolutely LOVE Uncle Ron. They are crazy about him! Jenna looked at him yesterday during dinner and just said "I love you, Uncle Ron." It was the sweetest moment. I'm pretty sure I saw mist in the eyes of both guys at the table (and Asa wasn't there anymore). Uncle Ron babysat today while I worked in the GFA office. I tell you, he's a champ!
Uncle Ron and Jenna...just hanging out

At work with my "bosses" and coworkers

Mornings outside are nice. The weather was beautiful Monday morning and I headed outside to read with two precious girls at my heels. They sort of took over my bench...until they got tired of reading and headed out into the garden to look for shells. (slug shells)
Rylee reading and Jenna messing with her collection of shells.

Sometimes we get to reap what we have not sown. Scripture tells us all about this. That is the case with my lovely garden. I had nothing to do with planting these pretty plants. But, I'm enjoying them!

The biggest event of our week has been the promotion of our twins past babyhood. I know...they are 2 1/2 years old. But, they have been in cribs this whole time. Any mama of more than one child out there understands why! It's bad enough having one kid that can get out of bed. But, after the three of them climbed in and out of the cribs on Monday (playing), I decided it was time. They are so proud. And, they're doing great with listening to us about staying in bed/when to get out. Here they are. Rylee insisted on taking a picture too!

Along with all these things, I have finished the next book for our new staff mentor classes. It is Brother KP's latest book called Touching Godliness Through Submission. I highly recommend it! Brother KP taught the material to leaders in Asia and all our staff here has listened to the teachings as part of our first year. We have the blessing of reading it now that it has all been transcribed and produced in book form (came out in May!). It's not one of those books that gives you warm fuzzies. It's hard to take at times. I am a proud person who needs to constantly be humbled. God is teaching me this over and over again through many teachings, books, and life lessons. I knew the Lord was calling us here because He wanted to teach us. His call to me specifically was to come and be broken. It is sweet (though hard at times) to know God loves me enough to not let me stay the same. My prayer (and yours for me, please) is that I will lay down my life so that I might truly live. I'm learning what that really means.

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