Monday, September 15, 2008

Stopping By and Moving Along

Uncle Ron came to visit for the week. He arrived late Monday night and left Friday morning. The kids absolutely love him to pieces. We took some shots of the kids on his motorcycle right before he left. We're hoping to see him again when he drives back through from Alabama to Arizona. You can pray him as he is looking for a job. He has an interview tomorrow (Tues) in Alabama.

We didn't work on the kitchen much while he was here. We preferred to visit (and play a game of Scrabble one night!). Ron helped us hang some kitchen cabinet doors on Thu. Friday we got busy again. I stripped the last set of cabinets. Then Joel laid the new tile floor on Saturday. That was a long day! It's quite easy, just takes a while. Last night we started the grout but didn't have time to finish. We're hoping to knock out the majority of it this evening.
watching paint peel--more fun than watching it dry!
with stripper on, before the peeling starts!halfway there! they look much better as oak than whitethe stripping is done. now they need to be sanded and stainedmy tile-laying hubby. he's so handy!!!
our new tile floor. just needs grout (and to be mopped!)our front living room was filled with appliances yet again (and kitchen drawers)

Right now the kids are running around playing. We have all the windows in the house open because it is absolutely beautiful outside and I don't have to run my A/C!!! Woohoo!

My kids crack me up. Here are a few fun things.

Each night when we pray the kids take turns. Asa's usual prayer is for people to be safe. "Help Daddy be safe. Help Jenna be safe. Help Mama be safe. Help Rylee be safe. ..." So sweet! Here lately when he's done Jenna will ask "Did you pray for me Asa?" When he says yes, she goes over and says "That's a good boy Asa. Thank you." Then she kisses him on the head. It's hilarious and makes us laugh every night!
Yesterday at church during preschool worship (which I help with the first hour), Rylee kept raising her hand or calling out the answers as the leader was asking questions. Then, Rylee says, "I'm so smart!" (only MY child!!!)

Saturday night Rylee woke me up with her screaming. I ran into her room (darkness, wearing no glasses...could NOT see a thing!). I asked what was wrong and she said something was in her bed! Where?, I asked. She indicated down by her leg and so I felt around. Sure enough, there was something. I said, "It's Jenna." Rylee thought it was a monster. (she's seen Monsters Inc and loves it) I picked up Jenna and let her lay beside Rylee. It woke Jenna just enough and she said, "I not a monster. I Jenna." It was so sweet! After putting Jenna back in her toddler bed, they returned to sleep. Last night we made another change and tried them in the big bed together. They did great! (and they loved the idea of sleeping together)

Despite the days when it's super hard work training my children, they bring my life so much joy. I cannot imagine this world without these three little people.
They impress me.

They teach me.

They humble me.

And, most amazing, they love me! I am so blessed!

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  1. I love your kid stories!!
    And your tile is amazing.