Friday, September 19, 2008

Quick Weekly Update

Sorry, no pics. Boring post.

We're moving along on our kitchen project. Joel is sealing the grout for our floor tile as I type. We were able to grout the whole floor on Monday night. We are so proud! I think I'm most proud of how God has provided for this project. He allowed us to get great deals on almost everything we have done. We are coming in way under our budget (and we were trying to go the frugal route to start with!).

Rylee is really loving preschool. This week they studied the letter "B". She took her bunny washcloth for Show & Tell on Thursday. Another kid brought Bubble Gum for everyone! She really like that part! Her teacher emailed me some pics today. I'll include them in my next post.

Joel was sick with allergies/sinus stuff on Thursday. He stayed home in the morning and I went into the office. It was great. I started a new project on Wed (my normal afternoon for working at GFA) and didn't feel like I got very far. I was really able to make a dent in the work on Thursday morning. [I work in Church Relations doing admin tasks. Our department works with churches throughout the U.S. seeking opportunities to share about GFA. We are hoping to share at more conferences, so that's what I'm working on. So fun to be a part of telling Christians here what God is doing in Asia!!!

By the way, Joel was much better by Friday. Praise the Lord!

Our phone line at home went dead this week. No phone. No email. No web! Yikes!!!

I have to say, I was impressed with Verizon's service this time. They thought they fixed it by just running things on the line. Then, I called to confirm it was still dead. They sent a guy out this morning. He called my cell and said it was fixed. I got home and discovered it wasn't. I called again. This afternoon another guy came out. It's all fixed now! I was impressed...sending out two guys in one day!!!! I asked some GFA staff to pray it would get fixed quickly and efficiently. I know they were praying!

We enjoyed dinner tonight with another GFA family. It was great. The food was good, but the company and fellowship was wonderful. God is so good to us! He not only gives us Himself, but He knits our hearts together with other believers in such neat ways.

I'm so excited about what God is teaching me right now. There have been so many different aspects to it, but it really boils down to being humble and broken at His feet. If you know anything about God's calling for me to come to Texas, you know that's why He told me He was bringing me here--to break me. I was excited. I know that being broken at His feet will enable Him to teach me and use me. That's where I will glorify Him most. I wasn't sure how it would look (the breaking process) and I have to admit, He is being more gentle than I imagined He would be. I guess He knows what I can handle right now. But, maybe I'm just being open and responsive so He can be gentle. I don't know. I just know I love sitting at His feet. I love that He's showing me new things. I love that He loves me that much! We serve an amazing God!

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