Monday, October 25, 2010

Chocolate Lover?

I'm not that great of a writer. So, today I'm pointing you to several other blogs and writings. First, I read about chocolate on Heather's blog. Then, I watched the trailer to the movie "The Dark Side of Chocolate" (also on Heather's blog). Then, I hopped over to Mama Manifesto to read her post on chocolate.
Basically, the chocolate we know and love is largely produced by child labor. I'm not okay with that. Heather's writing today really challenged me. I can say "I'm just one person" and go on buying my chocolate as usual. Or, I can realize that every voice counts--including mine.
One commenter on Heather's blog referenced the tuna industry and how some companies were killing dolphins until the public uprising caused the companies to change their policies after they were boycotted.
I know Hershey's well. We lived in Harrisburg, the town right next to Hershey. I've taken their factory tour (a little simulation thing), gone to Hersheypark (an amusement park there), gave birth to my first three babies at Hershey Medical Center, and worked for Milton Hershey School. And, I happen to really like their candy!

But, can I keep eating it? This is hard. I really like chocolate. I like cheap prices. I've been doing couponing for a few months now and sometimes I get stuff FREE. Give up free chocolate?
But, Heather makes a very compelling argument. Now that I know can I just ignore reality?

I think the statement I like most from Heather's blog is this:
I've read a ton about Halloween lately...who is for it, who is against it. Blogland fills up with posts taking sides on this issue. Halloween is as hotly debated as predestination. But I just wonder, if maybe Christians are totally missing the point. Here we are arguing about whether dressing up like a cowboy is satanic when the real issue might be that Christians everywhere will be buying chocolate in mass quantities this month, and the groans and the cries of enslaved children will be filling the heavens. God promises He hears them when they cry out. And who has those children's blood on their hands? Us. We can lick the chocolate off, but the blood is still there. God have mercy on your people, we can be so incredibly stupid.
Thoughts? You can lick the chocolate off, but the blood will still be there. WOW!


  1. No more Hersheys for me.
    They had a plant near where I grew up in Oaldale, Ca. We did the tour every year in school
    Thanks for posting!

  2. WOW. I had no idea, and this disturbs me greatly. I love the concept of Halloween debates "missing the point"...and I'm wishing I hadn't already bought chocolate this year. I'll be looking into fair trade chocolate for sure. Thanks Megan!

  3. I had no idea. Definitely something for me to think about and pray about.