Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Weight Are You Carrying?

I read this article today about a woman whose job was to carry a huge basket of veggies on her head, going door-to-door to sell them. I cannot fathom having to carry that weight every day!
Even more heavy is the reality of the weight many women like her carry within their hearts as they walk with guilt, shame, and condemnation in a society that doesn't value them as highly as men. They know no hope. Simply because they are women, they will have less chance to hear the life-changing Gospel of Jesus!

But, Gospel for Asia missionaries are changing that! We just uploaded our newest video showing the reality of life for women in Asia. Take a few minutes (three, to be exact) and watch this clip. The realities might break your heart, but the way God is working will give you hope!

The last week has been very busy for me. Along with four other GFA staffers, I worked at a booth during a women's conference in Ft. Worth (Thursday through Saturday).
The arena with Nancy Leigh DeMoss speaking; there were about 4,000 women.
Below, me telling a woman about the reality of life for women in Asia.
We met lots of really neat ladies from around the country. We shared about the ministry, gave out brochures on the plight of women in Asia, gave out free books (Revolution in World Missions), offered ladies a chance to partner their lives with a woman missionary in Asia, and sought opportunities to speak to additional groups.

This woman was telling me a really funny story.
(see, I'm committed to not only posting flattering pictures of myself!)

Below, my friend Clara is giving a woman a free book!
On Monday I shared with a local MOPS group about women in Asia--their issues and how God is meeting their needs. It was a sweet time and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing!
Cari, me, and Cassie
Below, Cassie and Clara...and the woman from Asia.
Yesterday I had to clean up the mess I had made from the past week--returning unused materials, sorting through responses from the conference and the group meeting, and making notes to improve for our "next times".
I have to say, I am one tired lady! But, my fatigue comes with great hope. I'm hoping the women who took missionaries to pray about sponsoring will choose to make the sacrifice and link their lives with those in Asia. I'm hoping I get more chances to share in the months ahead. I'm hoping we can finalize some research/development we've been working on for the past few months. I'm hoping my efforts changed at least one woman's life in Asia!

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  1. I'm excited to see where this all goes--I love that there is a ministry focusing specifically on Asian women, and I love that you're involved in it.

    (And I love your belly. It's adorable.)