Monday, October 11, 2010

Orange You Glad It's Fall

A few weeks ago the twins and I went to a local pumpkin patch for a picnic and some fun. The best's free!
They have some things for sale, like snow cones and pumpkins. But, those of us who are cheap can enjoy all the fun for free.
They have a horse you can pet and tons of cut-outs all over the place. Jenna found her favorites and posed for me.(she LOVES Strawberry Shortcake!)
Asa even found some he liked. (who are these characters? I have no clue.)
They have a hay maze, hay ride, and bounce houses. They absolutely loved the bounce houses. There was an obstacle course, a slide, a 2-sided climbing wall, and 2 regular bouncers.
They also have a little pumpkin house. It was cute.
Then, last week I went with Rylee's class on a field trip to the arboretum. I have been hearing about the Dallas Arboretum for the past two years, but have never before been.
They had the place decked out in pumpkins. I have decided I really, really like pumpkins! What other things do we decorate with that are orange? And, doesn't orange get the shaft when it comes to colors? I mean, really, not many people say orange is their favorite color. But, it's so vibrant and fun. It can be so rich when paired with browns and golds. I like orange.

I was assigned to watch Rylee and another little girl and two boys. They were all very good and had lots of fun.
They really enjoyed this cute village of little houses called "Texas Town", but we went there just after lunch and I was too tired to take pictures. I just let them run.
They let me snap individual shots when we stopped atop a little hill to sit in a gazebo. They were cute as they posed.
The kids began their day with a class on plants. They learned about the different parts of seeds and each got to plant some for future growth at home.
There are fun fountains - 4 frogs - that shoot water. I let the kids take off their socks and shoes and roll up their pants and splash around. I imagine they would have enjoyed getting completely soaked, but it wasn't all that warm out and they were in school clothes. I also imagine I would have heard lots of complaints about being soaked as we walked the rest of the day.
Fall field trips are the best - with your family or your classmates!

*I didn't include pictures of the other kids here since I don't know their parents. So, you just get an overdose on Rylee with a few shots with friends.


  1. The characters you don't know are Phineas and Ferb from a disney channel show. :)

  2. Great photos! I love Rylee's posing:O) Super cute! And I love that flower mound patch, did u see the prices on some of those pumpkins:O% crazy!!!