Monday, October 4, 2010

From Riches to Rags

One Woman's Journey to Grace

It was midnight when the sound of crashing glass woke Namisha's relatives. In the darkness, Namisha had bumped into a wall and dropped a bottle of poison she was carrying—and with it, shattered the only way she knew to escape the cancer and despair that were consuming her. But she was about to learn how her quest for grace would transform her future—and how she, a member of India's revered high caste, would spend her life among people she would have formerly shunned.

As a child, Namisha Chettri had a dangerous interest. Her well-educated and curious mind latched onto the ideas she had discovered in some Christian literature she had read. She knew the white smear of ash on her family members' foreheads meant they were set apart—more holy and powerful than others in her village. And her father continually reminded her that their superior social position wouldn't allow her to consider the Christian writings.

"This is foreign," her father warned. "You should not read it."

Still, her interest deepened.

Her family's status was based entirely on tradition, devotion and ritual purity. Every year, Namisha watched her family sacrifice the heads of 100 goats. And she couldn't bring her lower-caste school friends to her house because she knew her family would reject them as unclean. Her place as a member of the Brahmin caste affected every aspect of her life, down to which side of the road she would walk on.

Christianity seemed so different.

(an excerpt from GFA's website. continue reading by clicking here)

Namisha's life and story encourage me. This story, and many more like it, are the reason I'm spending my time developing a way to share with women here in the West. I will be going to a women's conference in Ft. Worth next week to share about the plight of women in Asia and how GFA-supported women missionaries are reaching out to them. Things are moving along. This conference will be a good 'testing ground' for us. I would appreciate your prayers.

Now...go read more about Namisha and other women like her!


  1. The conference sounds great. I'm praying for you!

  2. praying for you! That many would be moved to step outside of the box!