Monday, October 24, 2011

After the Big Event

My friend Lara recently adopted from Uganda. Precious, sweet boy! I'm so excited for her whole family. What a joy. What amazing the Father has lavished on us that we should be called His sons and daughters and then extend that love to call precious babes our children!

She linked to a blog article from her Facebook page, commenting that this was her answer to the many people who asked how things were going since bringing Ambrose home. The article she linked to was written by Jen, mama to five --two of them adopted from Africa. The article "After the Airport" was really, really good. In fact, you should go read it now. Then, come back and finish this.

I'll wait. Go ahead.

I'm only going to say a few things about it now. I know her article was long and I don't want you to get overdone on reading today.

My initial thoughts:
  • LOVE her public schooling/homeschooling comments, though they weren't her point
  • how did she know I was struggling with whether or not to be honest because I was afraid someone would misunderstand or say "but you chose this"?
  • she talked about having the oh-so-wanted baby, then those who moved across the country in obedience. I'm not struggling with a deep postpartum depression or being lonely, per se, but the fact that she addressed those two issues in one paragraph jolted me.
  • how often have I said "fine" when someone asked how I was doing and I really wanted to answer with a much more telling, lengthy answer? [This speaks directly to something I just hit on in my Bible study. Must write about that next.]
  • community. God's way of meeting our needs. Hmmm...
I like reading others' blog posts. I'm usually encouraged, often times challenged, and most of the time entertained. I have to be careful not to spend too much time reading about others' lives and ignoring my own. But, today, Jen's post hit a nerve. A spot I needed to have exposed.

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  1. It was a post that was so enlightening to me. Difficult but compelling to read. It gives me even more respect for those who are called to adopt internationally and who listen to that call.

    And you're right, it applies to others too.