Tuesday, October 11, 2011


One day I will feel like I can write more. Today isn't that day.

For now, I'll share something that made me smile.

I was going through a cd of old photos, looking for pictures from Joel's trip to the Dominican Republic in November 2006. This sweet shot captured my attention.
February 27, 2007 - 13 months old

Parent/Teacher conferences started today. I met with all three teachers of my three big kids. It was a pure delight to hear how each of them is a joy to have in class for their respective teacher. Academically and socially, they are all doing great. We also have fantastic teachers--they love what they do and it shows.

Time flies. I've known it for a while, but these last few months have me clamoring for moments, trying not to let too many of them slip through my fingers. All I can think of right now is the Trace Adkins song "You're Gonna Miss This".

So true. So true.

*fun little sidenote: Trace Adkins was raised in northern Louisiana, where my mama grew up. so, the shots in this video are familiar to me as I visited her hometown many times growing up.


  1. Such a sweet picture!

    I love that song, makes me cry every time!

  2. That picture is so cute! You're right, time does pass so quickly. It's so easy to "forget" what our little ones looked like when they were LITTLER ones. I'm glad we live in a time with cameras. :)

  3. Love the post and the song... we need to stop and cherish each season and each step. started my day with your 3 popping in to greet me with a smile and a good morning! Love having them in the same building with me. :-)sarah