Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Six Amazing Years

Six amazing years that have flown by. Six years of giggles and laughter. Six years of crazy bustling life. Six years of standing in awe of the One who gives all good gifts. Why me? Why do I receive such beautiful blessings? But, I greatly accept them. And celebrate!
We did a Princess/Knight themed party. When the kids arrived, the girls made princess wands and got a crown. The boys decorated shields and got a sword. (Really, the boys stuck one thing on the shield and headed out back where the fighting had already commenced!)After a little time to just play, we gathered the kids and I explained that the fierce dragon was jealous of the princess and locked her away in a castle. There was a rumor that the dragon's magic eggs contained the secret to freeing the princess. The boys went outside to hunt for the magic eggs while the girls stayed inside the castle and had to hunt for a way to escape.The girls found pieces of a puzzle, put it together, and read the message written on the back. To be free, you must slay the dragon.The boys got clues from the eggs and put together a puzzle, as well. The message on their puzzle said "To free the princess, you must slay the dragon."

We took a break to get our strength by eating lunch. (Sorry, no pics. I was a little busy!) Then, we headed outside to slay the dragon.The 5th girl to take a whack was quite strong. I didn't think the pinata was going to hold up for the long line of boys too. But, amazingly, the kids all took two whacks and then the dragon finally went down on Sarah's third hit!We had quite the crowd!We went inside to celebrate the release of the princess (aka: cake and gifts).Jenna and Asa had a wonderful birthday celebration! ...and were spoiled rotten beyond belief by their sweet friends.


  1. What a great party! Love the pic of the pinata being broken.

  2. You did a great job! Love the whole idea of trapping the princess. I bet the kids loved it!