Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some Hard Questions - God's Will

I emailed a friend tonight and was explaining a little of what I learned today. After I wrote it, I was pleased with how I explained it (one reason I haven't tried to explain more on here yet....can't seem to make it sound right).

So, here are my latest thoughts:

I was re-reading the little book I mentioned in my blog post about finding God's will.

Today I read the chapters about the different kinds of God's will, so to speak. The author talked about God's will of decree (what happens is what God wills and what God wills is what happens; His overall sovereignty), God's will of desire (the commandments; how God wants us to act--loving, kind, humble), and then God's will of direction.

He asserts that we get hung up on His will of direction (totally focused on the future and making decisions that are not even moral decisions). I read the book a year ago and some things really shook me up. I think it was my initial impression of the book and thinking the author was arguing that God doesn't guide us. He really doesn't say that at all.

Rather, he says we need to trust in God's sovereignty and be focused on obeying the commands (act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with God) and then live life!

It's very liberating...and that's his whole point. He maintains that we end up being useless for God and lazy because we do nothing until we feel like we know exactly what God is willing for us to do. Instead, he says God's will of direction is sort of discovered as we are walking day by day.

It's not a map to follow, but is the trail we leave behind.

We take it one step at a time...anything ahead of that is not trusting God.

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