Friday, December 12, 2008

Absolutely Hilarious

Okay, so I was on someone else's blog and she finished it by saying "You can thank me with diapers." (she has a baby.) But, then she said "with this kind (linked to a pic of pampers), not this kind (with a link to the video below)." I laughed so hard I almost needed them myself!

Funny, funny, funny.

Sorry if this offends you. But, I think it's hilarious.


  1. That has long been one of our favorite SNL commercials! I hadn't seen it in years--thanks for posting! :)

  2. HA! I've seen this before too! It made me laugh, especially since the baby learned to say "poop" this week, so it's all about it in our house. It made me think of Rylee's "poopy" bible lesson. :)

  3. I just might need to visit that pharmacy when I come to keep the kids next week!! I laughed til I cried! Mom