Saturday, December 6, 2008

Parade in Downtown Dallas

We went to the Dallas Christmas Parade this morning. We went early and met up with friends so we could get a good spot. After eating breakfast out on the curb, some of us headed back to the van to warm up. The kids watched part of a movie (thanks for the DVD player Uncle Paul & Aunt Heather!) until it was time to head back out.
We saw lots of neat clowns, elves, Santas, tv characters (like Curious George & Arthur), pageant queens, huge balloons, marching bands, and fire trucks (yeah for Asa).

We came home and began hanging lights outside on our freshly trimmed bushes (that was my job yesterday...and my hands/arms are incredibly sore). Our neighbors came outside to rake leaves so we got to chat a bit. It was an absolutely beautiful day to be outside...didn't even need a jacket by mid-day.
I also used this opportunity to play with our new digital camera. I've posted recently about our camcorder going kaput. And, our digital camera (purchased 4 years ago) has served us well but is only a 3.2 MP and has video but can't record sound. So, an early Christmas present arrived--a Canon PowerShot Elph 10MP that can record videos with sound. I would love to get a digital SLR or at least the new Canon G-10 at some point to work more on photography, but this new point and shoot will be a great addition to the Fletcher family. I've already shot a ton of videos because it's super easy to just pull it out and get a 30 second or one minute clip. I'll have to post the most hilarious video very soon. It stars none other than my queen of video...Jenna!
Practicing my bokeh skills with Asa as the subject (atop Joel's shoulders)
I love this shot of Jenna's profile. Not bad bokeh with a point and shoot!

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  1. I love these pictures! The one of Rylie in the van w/ the other kids - I can tell exactly how she will look as a teen! And then the one of just you is SO Much like Rylie! I hardly ever see such close mommy-daughter resemblance. Ya'll are fun parents!

    And as far as comparing, insecurity, I would love to see a BMoore study on that. And, all of your camera talk, I don't know any of that jargon and now I"m going to worry about our pix looking lame!