Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Reflections

I had every intention of posting Christmas videos sooner. The files were too large, so it's taken me longer than I had hoped.

Our family had a wonderful time celebrating Jesus throughout the month of December. The kids talked about Jesus' birthday for weeks on end.

It all started with Asa seeing the Little People nativity in a child-locked cabinet. He kept saying "I want the angel." Once I figured out what he meant, we took out the nativity set and they began their month-long fascination with baby Jesus, the shepherds, wise men, and angels. I love having a nativity they can play with.

Since Rylee was born, I have hoped we could establish some Christmas traditions that firmly placed Jesus at the center of it all. It was fun to see some of that fruit this year as the kids are all talking and interacting now. They talked often of Jesus and why He was born.

Rylee has even begun to ask more questions about Jesus' death and His dying on the cross for our sins. It is an incredible honor to lead these little ones to the Lord.

There will be more videos to come in the upcoming week, I hope. But, for now, please enjoy our fun Christmas morning hunt for baby Jesus. (We hid the Jesus figurines from the 5 nativity sets we have.)

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  1. What do you mean you're not creative. That was absolutely adorable and a great lesson for the children. Their excitement was priceless.