Monday, December 22, 2008

More Christmas Craftiness

I can probably hardly stand it!

If I were someone else and kept seeing posts about a mom doing crafts with her toddlers, I'd be frustrated. Heck, I usually DO get frustrated by seeing posts about moms doing crafts with their kids. I'm so not a craft person!
But, alas...I find myself doing more crafty things because it's Christmas-time!

Tonight we have the pleasure of having friends over to eat and hang out. We are hoping to make some gingerbread houses. Our LIFE Group from church had a house-making competition yesterday. We didn't join in, but we caught the excitement. So, tonight we're going to try our hand at our own building. I didn't go overboard in the supply area, so our creations might be lame. But, we'll see.

*update: we didn't make them that night b/c I was out of icing!
We are also going to make some reindeer cookies (using Nutter Butters, mini pretzel twists, chocolate chips, and red M&Ms). I'll be sure to post a picture tonight (or tomorrow...depending on how late our night goes).
Finally...I had to try an idea I saw in a magazine. Make your own window clings! How cool is that? So, today I had the kids trace some simple drawings with silver glittery puffy paints. We have to wait 24 hours for them to dry. Then, we'll peel them off the wax paper and see if they stick to the windows. Sounds too fun to pass up. I really like sparkly things, and I especially like snowflakes. So, I couldn't miss the chance to make some that can stay in my windows for another month!

*forget the clings. i didn't photograph them. they came out okay, but they're a pain to peel off the wax paper. if you try the project, make "full" designs, not outlines.
These will all be photographed later today, so check back tomorrow to see what we did!

But, I can't put a post with no pictures. How boring!
So....I'll go back and add some random pics that have nothing to do with what I'm writing!

Photo 1: Jenna being covered up with a "blanket of toys". Oh, the creativity of a 4 year old who convinces her sister to go along with her plans!

Photo 2: Rylee as a pig for the children's Christmas skit. I sewed the ears and attached them to a pink winter hat she had. The nose is an egg carton piece covered with tissue paper. All the little piggys were adorable!

Photo 3: Rylee's preschool class after their Christmas Gala on Thursday. They were all so precious. I had to swallow my pride and watch as Rylee proceeded to goof off the entire performance by playing with the Santa hat of the boy next to her. At one point, she even chucked it over her shoulder making him go get it. True to form, though, she would pick right back up and sing along when she got tired of messing around!

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