Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Crafts & Parties

I know, I know...I am not a "crafty" mom. I have said it on here several times. I try to be as real as possible and let you all know that while I love my kids, I am not into some of the typical preschooler activities. My poor children never painted until this year. Rylee's greatest excitement with starting preschool was the opportunity to paint! It had never occurred to me to let her paint before. My kids have never used scissors (well, Rylee has now that she goes to her fabulous preschool at The Ridge!).

So, this next photo may take you by surprise. It sort of surprised me!
Yep, it's my kids doing a home!

I saw this cute little "country" looking ornament when I went to a women's event last week and thought "we could make those"! While I'm not a "crafty" person any other time of year, I really like doing crafts around Christmas. There are so many fun things to do.

Plus, it's cold outside and I'd rather stay inside with my kids all day in my jammies, doing fun crafts, baking something, and cuddling up to read books.
So, if you'd like to know how it's made, here it is:
a large cinnamon stick, strips of fabric cut it varying lengths (mine were about 1" by 10", 8 1/2", 7" get the picture), ribbon for making a loop to hang, a star, some paint if you want to paint the star, and glue (I used hot glue) to attach the ribbon and star.

I used a giant star because it's all I had. I could not find those cute, little stars like I saw on the ornament of inspiration.
If you're in the Dallas area and want to try your hand at making them, I have lots of leftover cinnamon sticks and fabric. I bought 1/2 a yard and still have about 1/2 of it left! You're welcome to have some materials and get busy with your own kiddo (or by yourself, if you just want to do a craft!).

Aside from our craftiness and baking (we made about 12 dozen cookies on Monday to give away...yum-o!), we have been partying!

Today was the Christmas Gala at Rylee's preschool. Tuesday night was the children's party at Gospel for Asia (for staff kids). Last Thursday we hosted a Christmas party for the department where I work at GFA. And, tonight is our GFA Christmas Party.
I've been coordinating a skit for the kids to perform tonight during the party, so I'll post some pics of the evening later (obviously not before it's happened!).

We have been enjoying Advent so much this year. All three kiddos are really absorbing what Christmas means. We've talked a lot about giving to others, as Jesus gave Himself to us. We've been talking about why Jesus was born. And, of course, we talk about all the decorations. They love the lights!
One thing we insist on around here is having nativity scenes the kids can touch and feel. I want my kids to grow up knowing Jesus is THEIRS! He came for them to know Him. He is not just to be stared at or gazed upon. The kids love to hold the baby Jesus, arrange the nativity in funny positions, and sing along with the song it plays. Asa likes to arrange the figurines more than the girls. He is HILARIOUS! After he dropped one of our ceramic donkeys, we told him to stick with his Little People figurines for now. We're hoping to find a few more sets after Christmas.

(by the way...that thing on Asa's face is a mesh bag that he likes to put things in and carry around. he put all the Little People figurines into it, walked around, brought them back to the mantle, took them out, put it over his head, and then set about arranging the People. crazy BOY!)


  1. What is the thing on Asa's head in the last picture?

  2. I love the ornaments! So cute. And what a great idea, to have a nativity they can play with. Ours are breakable.

  3. Your ornaments are pretty. A perfect addition to my list of Christmas craft ideas that are fairly easy to do with my kids.