Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Different Swing

A friend recently asked me if the swing pictured in the previous post was "the swing" I've wanted for a long time. While I did say I wanted that IKEA swing 'for a long time', it's not "the swing".

"The swing" I really, really want is this one:
It's my stepmom's swing.

I love it.

It is the perfect shape. I can make it swing by just pushing on the chain with my feet (instead of my legs getting tired from pushing and having to sort of stick straight out, as with traditional porch swings).
The bonus of this particular swing (the actual one you see) is that it is on a screened-in porch in NC. That makes it even more perfect.

Since I can't live in NC right now, I would really like to have a swing just like it!

So, what do you do when you want something? You go look for it.

Only problem...there is only ONE company in all of the world that makes this swing. They are in Georgia. No to have it shipped. "Expensive," you say? Well, maybe. But, that would be if they still made them.
After a year of calling, emailing, contacting via web, etc., I finally talked to sweet Mr. Rudy himself today. He says "I'm sorry, we quit making those about a year ago." He also laughed a little when I said "I live in Texas...yes, I know you are in Georgia."

That's okay. My amazing husband wants to make me one.

I keep telling him it's what I really want. We'll see if he can do it. He's pretty awesome, so watch out. Next thing you know, I might be posting a picture of my very own swinging lounger!

(seriously...all these photos were taken by my stepmom and she described in very clear details how this swing is made. it's awesome. Mr. Rudy told me today "it's really just designed to contour the body, so if he can draw that out, it's pretty easy." ha! For me, not so easy. For Joel, quite possible.)

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  1. Oh, I love that swing. My mom and dad had one and that's where Ann saw it. I hope Joel can make you one. He could have himself a business if he succeeds.