Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Double Trouble at the Fire Station

A few weeks ago Rylee's preschool was having a special visit from the firetruck. I knew the twins would be sad to hear they missed such an awesome treat. So, on our way home from running errands, I whipped into the fire station just around the corner from our house. One of the firefighters generously let us look at the engine. He let the twins get inside, gave them each a fire hat, and gave them stickers with the "Stop. Drop. Roll." reminder. Then, we went outside and he let them get inside the ambulance.
As if seeing the firetruck and ambulance wasn't enough, a train then went by right beside the fire station! They were thrilled with all the excitement.
It was great to meet one of the faithful men who serves our area. To all of you who serve to protect our family and keep us safe...Thank You!


  1. Do you KNOW how much he looks like Joel in the bottom pic???

  2. Hi Megan! Didn't know you had a blog! Your blessings are so sweet! Gotta come over soon!!! :)