Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Games are Fun

The other night Joel played a rousing game of Hi Ho Cherry-O with the kids right before bed. As you'll see from the pictures, they were fresh from the tub and looking adorable in their jammies. I just love watching their expressions as they play games.
Jenna is probably the funniest. She gets incredibly excited and talks very loudly when she gets something good. When it's a bad spin of the wheel, she still cracks me up by saying "oh man!"
It's also cute when she drinks from her cup while holding onto her big toe!
Asa is very serious. He can be a clown, but sometimes he's all about the game. Something made him laugh and I actually caught a great shot of his handsome smiling face!
And, Rylee just wants to win! She is so much like her mama, it's scary!
After the kiddos went off to bed, Joel finished up another project in our kitchen--new lights over our bar. They add some much-needed lighting in this area. Plus, Joel put it on a dimmer switch so we can have this awesome soft glow at night! I am blessed to have a handy man!

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