Monday, February 22, 2010

Busyness - Family First but Not Only Focus

*I wrote this post almost two months ago as the Lord was teaching me about busyness. I came back to it this morning and found that I needed to read it as much as I can imagine anyone else needing it. So, hopefully it will bless you too.

My number one ministry is my family--Joel and my three children. But, even my ministry to them can be lacking in fruit if not based on the time I spend with the Lord first.

K.P. writes
"If we continue the work without His direction, leading and strength, it won't be His work at all, It will be only a hollow shell that might look all right but in reality has no life and bears no lasting fruit." (26)
I can train my kids using the Bible as my guideline, but if I haven't spent time with Jesus, getting His direction for the day, for the situation, for the particular child, then my ministry to my children will have no lasting fruit. My attempts to love my husband will be worthless.

While my ministry to my family is first and foremost, I do not plan to make my own life, my own home, and my own family my idol. I could easily get lazy if I only poured all my energies inwardly in an attempt to be less busy.

I want my home to be a refuge for my family, a comfortable and welcoming place for our friends and neighbors. I like beauty. But I can idolize it. I can spend way too much time (and money) focusing on just my kids, my home, and our comfort.

I know that as I continue to grow where God has me right now and spend time with Him each day, He will show me the balance between serving my family and serving outside my home.They say more snow is coming our way tomorrow. I'm refusing to believe it right now. I choose warmth and sunshine and springtime. Can't I have my way?


  1. good stuff girl!

  2. It's a hard balance, but just being aware of that makes us more sensitive to learning. Thanks.

  3. the snow never came! yeah!!!