Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Bumpy Ride in Rajasthan

I really wanted to ride a camel while we were in Rajasthan.

Our amazing host was determined to let us enjoy this exciting treat.

We went by the lake where the guy hangs out with his camel three times. Yep, THREE times!
The first day, there was no sign of him when we went by in the afternoon. The next day, we went by in the morning. Still, no sign of the guy. Finally, we went by again the third morning and he was there. We all took turns. I was like a crazy child with my excitement. Seriously...though I hate my expression in the photo above, it most accurately portrays my giddiness! And, I'm committed to putting up pictures I don't think are flattering, not just ones I like. (It's part of my attempt to be more real on here. More on that later.)
School of Discipleship students, Brenda & Emily. Brenda is now on staff full-time and I get to serve in the cubical right next to her. I've also been honored to serve as her mentor since she graduated from SoD in July.

Riding a camel was definitely a treat. It's so neat how God lets us have fun and doesn't condemn us for doing so. He made us to enjoy things. Finding the balance in life so that we don't waste it all on endless attempts to satisfy our own pleasures is the key.

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  1. What stands out to me in this post is you deciding to post pictures of yourself that you don't like. Hmm, that's something to ponder, and I like it.... Thanks.