Monday, February 8, 2010

Cast Your Vote--Favorite Pic

We are printing new prayer cards.
Help us pick the best new family picture.I'll include a few of the fun shots here, but I'll put a number under a few. (okay, I moved them to the bottom so it would be a little easier)
Jenna was having "issues" when we first started. It was incredibly frustrating. Melt-downs seem to always occur when I'm trying to get a family picture done. Just ask my step-mom. (It was Rylee having a melt last summer; I guess it was Jenna's turn. Rylee was just being silly this time.)So, for those of you looking at these pictures thinking that you have a hard time ever getting a good photo, don't envy us for getting one. Ellie took probably 100 in just the 20 minutes we tried. And, at least 10 of those minutes were spent disciplining Jenna. In fact, the picture of Joel offering knuckle sandwiches to Asa (above) was snapped while I was in the bathroom dealing with Miss Grumpy-Pants.We took the pictures at our GFA home office here in Texas. And, Ellie, who you have probably read about here on our blog, took our pictures. She's a very neat teenager who loves our kids and helps take care of them and has a great eye for photography. We all love her!
Feel free to comment, but to cast your official vote, use the survey on the right sidebar.
Thanks for helping us! **poll is now removed, see this post for the results**

Photo #1
Photo #2Photo #3


  1. You guys are too cute, and your hair looks great. I like #1.

  2. #1 and #2 are both perfect. It just depends on whether you want the more original perspective of #1 or the more classic look of #2. I would love either, but I'll go with #1 for originality.

  3. # 1 definitely! Number 2 looks more washed out, and number 3 seems like it won't show up so well in B&W.

  4. haha i'll have all you readers know that i straddled the wall thing in the upstairs library to take photo #1.

    the smiles in #1 seem more real.
    i think i like that one the best.

    i still like, though, the pose we had for #2. and the pictures behind you.

    do you remember that one of asa smiling? ideally that would be the background for #2, but i was too far away and the lens didn't have a very wide aperture, so there was more depth of field.

    gosh this is a long comment.