Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In His Strength

I often do things because the need is great or there is urgency in the request.

Here are two more quotes from Brother K.P.'s booklet The Lord's Work Done in the Lord's Way that challenged me:
"One of these well-meaning actions, for example, is taking on work that God did not give to us, just because the need is so great, the opportunities seem unlimited, and we are driven by urgency." (18) "In fact, it seems the more we take the time to wait and hear from the Lord, the more actual work that we do--but rather in His strength, not ours. This is how the Lord's work is done in His way--by loving Him more than the ministry He gave us to do...." (20)
I saw this in action today. From an outsider looking in, I probably appeared rushed, crazy and hectic. Maybe the tasks looked overwhelming. They look too big when I look from my own perspective too. But, when I look through the eyes of the Lord and go from moment to moment in His strength, I am able. More than able.

It is such a freeing thing to walk in His strength. It is such a freeing thing to let go and only do the things God has given me to do. What joy is found in freedom!

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